Edwin Roseno Kurniawan, was born 38 years ago in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. In 1998-2000 had  education in 10 Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya  majoring in product design. In 2001 he has move to Indonesia Institute of The Arts Yogyakarta majoring in photography, until 2008 and get BFA.. Exhibit active since 2002, local and foreign, group and solo exhibition. Exhibition was in ”CUT2 New Photography from southeast Asia” in Vallentine Willie Fine Arts Gallery’s Singapore (2008), Saturation-Indonesian Contemporary Photography Post 2000 in Element Singapore (2012).”Beyond Coca-cola” in Ruang  MES 56 Yogyakarta (2005), and ”Frozen City” in Kedai Kebun Forum Yogyakarta (2009) is he was solo exhibition. In addition to working as individual artists, as well as active and work collectively in Ruang MES 56. The collective is a non-profit organization, the center of the development of contemporary photography in Indonesia. Many Project Collaboration with Ruang MES 56 for example : Keren dan Beken – Jogja Biennale VII,Contrybution in  Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta (2003), Holiday in Jakarta, Holiday Project di Passage de Retz France (2004), 2nd Pose- Indonesian Portrait artist series in  Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2008), Kompilasi: A Survey Of  Contemporary Indonesia Art, Bus Project, Melbourne, Australia (2009), Melawan Lupa, Reclaimed.doc in National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia. Since the beginning of 2011 he was working on a project about the human relationship with the environment and in 2011 the concept and the work of “Green Hypermarket” was selected as one of the works of contemporary photography from Indonesia were invited to the 7th Asian Pacific Triennale in 2012 in Australia exhibited at the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in December 2012 until April 2013. Recent exhibition Tour Indo Pop From APT7 2016-2017 around Queensland.


Name                                       : Edwin   Roseno Kurniawan

Born                                        : Banyuwangi, 29 Nopember 1979

Address                                   : Jalan Mangkuyudan No.53a Yogyakarta 55143


Email                                       : eroseno@gmail.com

Website                                   : www.edwinroseno.com





Department of Photography, Indonesia Institute of The Art   Yogyakarta




RAW POWER, Solo Project at Helutranspace, Jogja National Museum Complex, Yogyakarta


Green Hypermarket Mini Series, Simple plant Art Space and Vegan Kitchen, Yogyakarta Indonesia


Frozen City, at Kedai Kebun Forum,Yogyakarta Indonesia


Beyond Coca-cola, at Ruang Mes56 Yogyakarta Indonesia




Nomaden Studio, open studio and workshop, Kedai Kebun Forum Yogyakarta


Analog Weekend, Bandung Photography Month, Gedung Sate Bandung, Indonesia

Cah Cakcek Paperu, Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta, Pyramid Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Animalia, Simple Plant Vegan Kitchen And Artspace, Yogyakarta

Jimei xArles International Photo Festival, Beijing, China

NGV Festival Of Photography, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Unseen Coop, Armsterdam

ArtJog10 – Changing Perspective, Jogja National Museum Yogyakarta

History of Boys, Deck Art Space, Singapore

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, Toowomba Regional Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum, Queensland, Australia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, Dogwood Crosing Miles, Queensland, Australia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, PERC TUCKER REGIONAL ART GALLERY, Queensland, Australia


Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, Gold Coast City Gallery, Queensland, Australia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, GYMPIE REGIONAL ART GALLERY, Queensland, Australia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, ROCKHAMPTON ART GALLERY, Queensland, Australia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, ROCKHAMPTON ART GALLERY, Queensland, Australia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, BUNDABERG REGIONAL ART GALLERY, Queensland, Australia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, ARTSPACE MACKAY, Queensland, Australia

Keren Dan Beken, Song Eun Art Space, South Korea

Mereklamekan Pelem, A.P.A Space, Jakarta


Jogja – Lagos Changing Cities Sifthing Spaces, a video art workshop screening at Biennale Jogja XIII Equator #3

Full House, Ruang MES 56 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia

Indo Pop – Indonesian Art From APT7, Logan Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia


Kontrak Dan Transaksi Lain, Ruang MES56 Yogyakarta

One Hour Show, Litmus Gallery, Wongok Ansan, South Korea

Asia Art Festival 2014, Wongok Dong, Ansan South Korea

Dirty Feet, at Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta IndonesiaFERMENTED, A Saga of Indonesian Identity, at MIZUMA Gallery Singapore, 22 Gilman Barrack, Singapore


Artjog13, Maritim Culture, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta Indonesia

The Art 13 London, Olypia, London


The 7Th Asia Pacific Triennial Of Contemporary Art, Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery Of Modern Art, Queendsland Brisbane Australia

Saturation-Selection of Indonesian Contemporary Photography Post-2000s, Element      Artspace Singapore

Mixhang, Jogja Contemporary Art Space, at Sangkring Yogyakarta Indonesia

Mixhang, at CG Art Space Jakarta Indonesia


Beyond Photography, Ciputra Marketing Gallery, Jakarta

Speakoff, Louncing Jogjanews.com, at Jogja Nasional Museum

Different Angel Film Competition at Shoot Me Film Festival, The Haque


Look!See? Indonesian Contemporary Photography, at Nadi Gallery Jakarta Indonesia

Oneminutes video presentation at World Expo, Shanghai

Art Jog 10, Indonesian Art Now: The Strategies of being, at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta Indonesia


Deer Andry, at Ruang Mes 56 Yogyakarta Indonesiaa

Timuran Project Colaboration, at Timuran and South Project Yogyakarta Indonesia 


Boys and Girl/ IVAA Book Aid, at dwin Gallery’s, Jakarta Indonesia

CUT2 New Photography from southeast Asia, at Vallentine Willie Fine Arts Gallery’s, Singgapore

Lomoheads, at Ruang Mes56, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Utopia Negativa, at Langgeng Gallery’s, Magelang Indonesia


City 2 city, at Lembaga Indonesia Prancis /Central Cultural France Yogyakarta Indonesia

OK VIDEO,”Militia” Workshop Presentation, at National Gallery, Jakarta Indonesia

Overload, at Lembaga Indonesia Prancis/Central Cultural France Yogyakarta Indonesia


Alterorgasm, at Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Beauty Contest at Insomnium Malang Indonesia

Open Sewon# 2, at Photography Department ISI Yogyakarta

”Yang Error” at Ruang Mes 56 Yogyakarta Indonesia


Absolut Photogram, at Ruang Mes56, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Self Tittle, Room # 1, at 347 Bandung Indonesia



September Something, Kedai Kebun Forum Yogyakarta Indonesia

Jogjakarta moving radius 1 km, Kedai kebun Forum, Yogyakarta



Hidden Files // Open Sources, at Ruang Mes56 Yogyakarta

Art Photography #2, at Kita Gallery’s Bandung

College Art Fair, at Jakarta National Museum Jakarta

Visual Art Exhibition Indonesia- Spain “Litlle Bagage” at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.



Open Sewon, at Basketball ground,ISI Yogyakarta

Indonesia Photography College Forum, at Verdeburg Yogyakarta



First Exhibition”Pameran Perdana”, at Departement of Photography Gallery ISI








Afdruk 56, Cah Cakcek, Pyramid Yogyakarta

Afdruk 56, Batik Bienalle, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

Afdruk 56, Tatto Merdeka, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

Afdruk 56, Pesta Boneka, Dusun Ngepek, Bantul Yogyakarta

Afdruk 56, Ngayogjazz


ARTEDUCARE #6, Art In Between, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, Solo Indonesia



Manusia Dan Waktu, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Concept Context Contestation Art And Collective In Southeast Asia, Bangkok Art And Cultural Centre


Faraway So Close, Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, Semarang Indonesia



Arcive Reclaimed.doc, Photo Book Project “Melawan Lupa”National Gallery Jakarta




Crash Project, at Sigi Arts Gallery, Jakarta Indonesia



Kompilasi: A Survey Of  Contemporary Indonesia Art (Ruang MES 56) , at Bus Gallery Melbourn Australia

Blue Print for Jogja (Ruang Mes 56), at Tembi Contemporary Yogyakarta

Video Workshop & Presentation oneminutesvideo Denhag, at Ruang Mes56





2nd Pose- Indonesian Portrait artist series (Ruang Mes 56), at Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta



Cp Bienalle” Urban Culture” , Indonesia Bank Museum Jakarta

Jogja Biennale #8 “ Disini & Kini “(Ruang Mes 56), at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta  Indonesia



Mediabaru@egroups, New Media Exhibition at Lontar Gallery, Jakarta Indonesia

Holiday in Jakarta at Passage de Retz, France

Holiday Project, Central Cultural of France Jakarta Indonesia



Jogja Biennale # 7 “Contrybution” at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta Indonesia



International Art Residency Program, Community Space Litmus, Wonggok dong, Ansan Si, South Korea


Terrorizer, Photography Project exhibition and Residency, Ruang mes 56 Yogyakarta Indonesia




Photogram workshop, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta


Ghost,Photogram Workshop, Cemeti Institute, Yogyakarta

Arisan Tenggara, Photogram Workshop, Ruang MES 56, Yogyakarta


Photogenic Drawing, Photogram Workshop, Ruang MES 56, Yogyakarta

2015 Jogja – Lagos Changing Cities Sifthing Spaces, a video art workshop


Stop Motion Workshop, FOTKOM 401 Universitas Pembangunan Nasional


Ilumination Workshop (Participant), at Jogja Nasional Museum Yogyakarta

Biennale Anak #1 (Mentor), photography workshop for children  at Taman budaya and Ruang Mes 56

Interactive Media Online with Suzon Fuks (Participant), at Ruang Mes 56 Yogyakarta


Video Workshop & Presentation oneminutesvideo Denhag (Participant), at Ruang Mes56 Photography Workshop w/ UPN Yogyakarta “Puisi Cinta Chairil Anwar”( Mentor), at Ruang Mes56 Yogyakarta


Video Workshop w/ Ruang Rupa, OK Video, “Militia” (Participant), at Ruang Mes 56


Absolut Photogram (Participant), at Ruang Mes56 Yogyakarta

Video Workshop Ruang Rupa, OK VIDEO, “Scratcing Tv” (Participant), at Kedai Kebun Forum


Prees Relaease Policy (Participant), at Kedai Kebun Forum Yogyakarta


Photography Workshop w/ Antony Lam, “ Fith & Identity” (Participant), at Taman   Budaya Yogyakarta






Semifinalist Bandung Contemporary Art Awart 2015




25 Compilation Inspiring Music Video 2001-2011 on Mesin Penenun Hujan,song by Frau



Title: B1, Official selection Different Angel Competition at SHOOTMEFILM  Festival at The Haque




Finalist Biennale Indonesia Art Award 2010

Alternates for Freeman Asian Art Foundation Vermont  Studio Center