Visit To The DreamLand

Studiophoto instalation

A photo studio that I initiated is located in the middle of the Wonggok market in the Ansan city, South Korea, which was presented for the Asia Art Festival, when I was invited by an artist residency by  Community Space LITMUS. Installing photo studios with 4 photo backgrounds that I painted, like the tradition of analog photography era classic photo studios, with images of landscapes in the colonial era that many mooi indie painters used as painting objects, and salon photographers who often took pictures the object of the scene.
The artificial studio is a space for my interaction with the community around the market, or anyone who comes and poses in my studio. Photographs, I give them for free or with barter exchange rates for anything, food or drink etc. For me this is an interesting interaction because the Wonggok market is located in an area where the majority of its citizens are foreign immigrants who work in Korea, including a community of immigrant workers from Indonesia.

Visit to the dream land 2014