Visit To The Dream Land

Studiophoto instalation

Last year,2014 August-Ocktober Community Space Litmus invite me to  join as international artist.  My art practice is almost interact wit society so I make outdoor photo studio with Indonesia pictorial landscape backdrops at wongok square market in Ansan city South Korea, that place known as litle asia or borderless village. I make a people portraits around wongok market in front of my “studio” and than i give them print photo postcard size by instant mini printer for free. My concept is simple, inviting everyone in wongok market take picture in front of my imaginary studio photo backdrops( I’m respond image print on fabric with painting backdrops by my low skill painting as classic backdrops in 70′s) as simple way and imaginative visit to the beautiful scenic view in indonesia. This way once a science view of object for painters painting to depict country western colonies.

Visit to the dream land 2014