Edwin Roseno

About 2.5 million years ago a species namely homo habilisexisted –they are the ancestor of homo erectus.

The word ‘habilis’ means useful or skillful hands, thus homo habilismeans ‘skillful human being.’

Among the discovery of the fossils of the homo habilis, ancient objects which are thought as aid tools are also found scattered around. One of the objects is a tool made from stone for cutting.

These tools are important findings that have led to the evolution of human civilization to date. Tools are made to help the hands to overcome their limitation.

The invention of aid tools has developed along with civilization. The purpose of creating a tool is to ease what we are working on, even to help to createnew assistive tools.

For now, the hand tools are the objects that represent the working tool. People who work with hands are the ones who work with skills.

Furthermore, it can be said that everyone needs to work since she/he needs to be a part of acertaingroup, and establishes meaningful relationships with other people. Aristotle once said that human isa creature with polarity. Meaning that humans are creatures who need to be in a group to be able to assert their identity. Working is a suitable way to be a part of a group.

By working, humans are able to meet their needs. By working, humans are able to obtain their status among society, and can also be seen as a useful citizen.

By working, humans are able to creatively creating and developing themselves.

The tools help to ease what humans are working on, and so the tools are then exploited until they cannot function optimally, and so new tools are made –developed from their previous function. They are constantly being created to fulfill the endless desire of humans.

The objects of my work are borrowed from the people around me with various professions, ranging from artist, art handler, repairman, carpenter, even from a cook in a restaurant.

In this art project, I do an experiment with the photogramtechnique –a pre-modernphotography technique. In the 1800s, William Hendry Fox Talbot called it Photogenic Drawings by placing the objects on light-sensitive paper, then illuminated it in a certaintime and had it processed in three chemical phase. There are a lot of limitations during this process, one of which is the limited material of analog photography. The size of the work area is deliberately assembled using the smallsize of papers, this also considered as a strategy to overcome the limitations. For me, material limitations are such a new challenge to continue producing artwork. I deliberately choose the medium of photogram and continue to develop it as digital technology keeps developing itself vastly. This is to let us know that this medium can be seen as an artistic medium that the artist nowadays applies, and as a way to look back the history in photographic technique.

KOMPOSISI 1 smallKomposisis