Jogja – Lagos Changing Cities Sifthing Spaces, a video art workshop Biennale Jogja XIII Equator #3

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Jogja-Lagos: Changing Cities-Shifting Spaces 
Video art and public space VAN Lagos – Mes 56

In today’s globalised digital realities, the language of moving images has become a universal tool to comment and reflect on the ever-shifting spaces of everyday life. With the topic “Changing Cities – Shifting Spaces” this project wishes to explore the dynamics of urban space in video art workshops, an exhibition and a publication.

The two-part project is located in Yogyakarta/ Indonesia and Lagos/Nigeria and aims to stimulate debate about urban life and public space in the two respective cities. The link between these two countries is given by the topic of the Jogja Biennale 2015, which focuses on Nigeria as an attempt to bridge the South-South divide.

In October 2015 there will be a video art workshop in Yogyakarta as part of Jogja Biennale, with Indonesian and Nigerian artists, lead by Jude Anogwih and Wok the Rock. They will develop works, which will be shown both during the Biennale and later as well in Lagos.

A second workshop in Lagos in January 2016 aims at supporting emerging video artists. It is lead by Jude Anogwih and Theo Eshetu and culminates in the exhibition “Videonale in Lagos”.

The exhibition “Videonale in Lagos” in January/February 2016, curated by Jude Anogwih and Tasja Langenbach & Jennifer Gassmann (Videonale), shows works by Videonale Bonn and by the participants of both the Jogja and the Lagos workshops.

This programme is supported by
KFW Stiftung, Video Art Network Lagos, and Ruang Mes 56