Experiment in the dark room

The technique is sometimes called cameraless photography. It was used by Man Ray in his exploration of rayographs. Other artists who have experimented with the technique include László Moholy-Nagy, Christian Schad (who called them “Schadographs”), Imogen Cunningham and Pablo Picasso. Variations of the technique have also been used for scientific purposes Yes, a photogram is a photographic image made without a camera 
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Leftover Images Project by Afdruk 56

LEFTOVER IMAGES Afdruk 56   https://afdruk56.tumblr.com   Teknologi analog dalam fotografi memberikan momen fenomenologis bagi pelakunya yaitu sebuah rangkaian proses panjang: mekanikal – kimiawi sampai tercipta sebuah imaji. Reproduksi imaji inilah yang disebut citraan, yang selama ini digeluti oleh fotografi. Dalam khasanah fotografi populer di Indonesia, momen analog itu mati suri sejak lebih dari satu d
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Flower From Our Garden

Flower From Our Garden ( Photogram paper montage, 40 cm x 50 cm, mono print, 2017 ) “The leaves, flowers and stems of each plant with the characteristics and the media I planted are individual in a collective. Combining several types of plants and assembled into a unity is my imagination to combine several individuals in a container that is collectivity” - I used a cameraless technique called photogram A photogram is
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